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People sometimes reduce the realities of this urban collection of 19 municipalities to a black and white story. The many shades of light and dark grey nuances are flattened into an easily understandable narrative with an attention-seeking title. In this book, there’s time and space for all shades of grey. This cross-section of the city gives the reader insight in the weal and woe of this colourful and fickle city


Brussel En route © Bram Penninckx
1. The bus pauses at a stop and the doors open.
"I don't need your help, this walker has four wheels," an elderly woman firmly tells someone offering a helping hand.
"I'm 80, not 100!"
With her head held high and a brisk pace, she walks off. The helping hand sits down and shakes his head. His youthful brain isn't yet equipped to deal with that much assertiveness from the elderly.
2. A group of women gets on the bus. "So, Fatima, what did Santa Claus bring you?"
" Gingerbread biscuits, mandarin oranges, some chocolate figures, and of course toys," the woman with the veil answers. "We don't want Santa become too generous, because it will be Christmas soon and then the kids will get even more presents." "That's true, we don't want to spoil them too much!" another lady agrees. Another woman from the same group takes a bag out of her purse. "Does anyone want some ginger bread?"
3. “"Daddy, why are the rubbish bins broken?" a concerned four-year-old daughter asks her bewildered father.
After a short silence: "Because the man who cleans the metro station lost the key." "Is that why they put another one next to the broken one?" "Yes, dear." "But daddy, why..." Her voice is lost in the roaring noise of a metro car driving
into the station. Hand-in-hand, father and daughter step into the vehicle.
Brussel En route © Bram Penninckx




  • Hardcover - 132 pages
  • ISBN - 978-94-6161-497-1
  • 101 photos - 30 stories
  • Trilingual - French, English & Dutch

Postkaart Plaizier © Plaizier


  • Book + 10 postcards from Plaizier (1): 35 €
  • Book + 10 postcards + 1 signed print (2)
  • Book + 10 postcards + 19 signed prints (2) + collection box (3) - only 19 copies available: 425 €
  • Book "Brusselse scènes, Bruxelles en scène" (4): 17 €
  • (*) Only available through this website.


  • 1: From the very extensive collection of postcards from Plaizier publishing house, 10 were selected with the theme Brussels public transport through the years.
  • 2: A signed and numbered print of 20 / 30cm printed on glossy Baryt paper.
  • 3: The book, the 19 prints & the 10 postcards in a custom-made collection box.
  • 4: The forerunner of "Brussels En route" where two very different aspects of Brussels are highlighted. On one hand, the many events, demonstrations and various festivities that take place (Brükselisations) and on the other hand the decor of the city that becomes visible after sunset (Bonsoir Bruxelles).
Brussel En route © Bram Penninckx



FROM 16/09/2018 UNTIL 16/01/2019


Expo Ribaucourt © Bram Penninckx
  • Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
  • Metro lines 2 & 6


Expo Kruidtuin/Botanique © Bram Penninckx
  • Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
  • Metro lines 2 & 6


Expo Roodebeek © Bram Penninckx
  • Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
  • Metro line 1


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